Children's Home

Children's Home


Children's homes which is filled with love


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* GIRO : 7609970 [Telephone(051)542-5980, 4077

First, You can Help Us with Donation.Children's Home needs much more workers than other institutions because it is institution for new-born child. Persons who government supplies are insufficient for their nursing, treatment and education. Therefore, we need help and support. Donation is very much helpful for nursing, treatment and education for disabled children.
There are several methods you can help us donation as following.

Second, You Can Help Us with Voluntary Service.About 10,000 volunteers come to Children's Home every year. There are various works such as helping eating, folding diapers, helping farm work, cleaning, decorating garden, caring of building, playing with children, and teaching etc. Anyone who wants voluntary service, call sister charging of telephone
(☏ 542-5980)